About EQ-Arts


EQ-Arts embraces the underpinning principles of the European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance (ESG) 2015 and will work to fully embed the common framework for Quality Assurance. In particular, that Quality Assurance processes should:

  • be the primary responsibility of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in assuring the quality of their own provision
  • be responsive to the diversity of higher education systems, institutions, programmes and students;
  • support the development of a quality culture;
  • take into account the needs and expectations of students, other stakeholders and society.

Within the fields of Creative and Performing Arts and Design (CPAD) across the EHEA the specific mission of EQ-Arts is to:

  • promote a strong quality culture for excellence and its continuous enhancement;
  • help guarantee the equivalence of minimum threshold standards for any academic qualification offered in the EHEA;
  • continually enhance the student learning experience to achieve the highest standards;
  • encourage the transfer of knowledge gained through staff research back into teaching;
  • instil trust and confidence in the processes of quality assurance and enhancement;
  • help to build institutional capacity for high quality internal review and enhancement.


EQ-Arts aims to be the leading provider of quality assurance and enhancement services to higher education institutions in the CPAD sector in Europe. While recognising academic and cultural diversity across the sector it will work to establish benchmark standards that help to assure and enhance the quality of academic provision, and the student learning experience, in an international context. Through this work EQ-Arts will be known as an independent and trusted contributor to the CPAD sector, working constructively and efficiently with higher education institutions and national agencies. So, it will engender public confidence in the quality and value of higher education in the respective disciplines of the CPAD. Alongside this EQ-Arts will also work to advance the sector’s capacity for high quality third cycle provision and to stimulate CPAD research that drives the knowledge gained from research back into the teaching curriculum, to enhance the student experience and benefit communities outside the academy.