About EQ-Arts


Through its activities* EQ-Arts supports higher arts education institutions in the self-evaluation and enhancement of their internal quality systems to promote a strong quality culture across the higher arts education sector.

EQ-Arts seeks to make QA&E matters comprehensible for every staff member and every arts institution.

* (projects, training programmes, workshops, consultancy, external peer reviews and accreditation procedures)


EQ-Arts is an independent subject-specific external accreditation and review body with a focus on enhancement-led quality assurance for higher arts education across the Europe Higher Education Area (EHEA) and beyond.
EQ-Arts fully embraces the four principles that underpin the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance (ESG) in the EHEA. These can be summarised as being:

  • Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) have primary responsibility for the quality of their provision and its assurance;
  • Quality Assurance should be responsive to the diversity of higher education systems, institutions, programmes and students;
  • Quality Assurance processes should support the development of a quality culture;
  • Quality Assurance processes should take into account the needs and expectations of students, other stakeholders and society more widely.

EQ-Arts applies these principles in ways that respect the unique characteristics of higher arts education and honours the diversity of institutions in which the subject (in all its variants) is offered.

EQ-Arts Executive Group

Professor John Butler (CEO EQ-Arts, UK)
Robert Baker (Independent QA&E consultant, Ireland/France)
Paula Crabtree (Rector, Stockholm University of the Arts, Sweden)
Professor Anthony Dean (Dean Faculty of Arts, University of Winchester, UK)
Lars Ebert (ELIA Senior Advisor, Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Sally Mometti (General Manager EQ-Arts, Netherlands)
Maren Schmohl (Vice Rector, Merz Akademie, Stuttgart, Germany)

EQ-Arts Board

Chair Robert Baker (Independent QA&E consultant, Ireland/France)
Treasurer Lucien Bollaert (Independent international QA expert, author and visiting professor, Belgium)
Paula Crabtree (Rector, Stockholm University of the Arts, Sweden)
Secretary Lars Ebert (ELIA Senior Advisor, Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Philippe Hardy (International consultant French Ministry of Culture, France)
Emma Järvenpää (student Board member, MA Arts and Culture, Netherlands)