Institutional and Programme Consultancy

EQ-Arts offers consultancy in areas such as Quality Enhancement, student-centred learning, Learning & Teaching and Research in Higher Arts Education.

The consultancy is tailor-made to the needs of the institution and can be used for example to:

  • To prepare for a national accreditation
  • In the development of a new Programme
  • To enhance assessment policies
  • To enhance assessment learning outcomes

The consultation trajectory can consist of either two or three parts, to be decided upon by the institution:

  • A: preparatory phase in which the institution provides the necessary documentation (such as existing strategy and policy papers and a Self Evaluation Document) after which the consultants prepare the visit.
  • B: a 2-day visit during which the consultants will meet with staff, students and stakeholders and will work with a dedicated working group
  • C (optional): a follow up visit in which the changes that have been followed through by the institution will be looked at and reviewed by the consultant(s), defining the direction for further development.

For information on possibilities and prices, please contact

We valued the visit of the EQ-Arts consultants a lot, and we are very grateful for the wide expertise they brought in. We also enjoyed their way of working, an open dialogue with EQ-Arts as a critical friend!

- HKU (The Netherlands) Master Crossover Creativity

We have experienced the consultants as very committed peers; open, constructive and with a heart for art education. Thanks to this attitude and approach from the field, the outcome of the process exceeds our expectations and objectives. The recommendations that we received give an integral picture of the quality of our education, show where the urgency for change lies and provides concrete tools for improvement.

- AKV St. Joost (The Netherlands) MA courses Animation/Fine Art/Graphic Design/Photography