EQ-Arts Reviewers Training

9 - 11 April 2017
Expert Training - Prague

Photo header: Class of 2016

Photo on the Left: Class of 2017




EQ-Arts is pleased to report that the seventh international quality assurance and enhancement training workshop for academic and administrative staff was a success. 15 Participants from all European regions, representing a wide spread of disciplines, joined the EQ-Arts Expert Training in Prague, at host institution AMU.

The training prepares participants to become reviewers who may be selected to join international review panels of EQ-Arts and/or serve on the accreditation panels of national QA agencies. The workshop provides insights in international standards and developments in the area of quality assurance and enhancement, as well as practical guidance on how to participate successfully in formal QA processes.

Participants' comments:

“The simulation set-up was very well thought through and extremely helpful”

“The training was carried out in a very enjoyable manner”

“I felt that this training session provided a very realistic experience”

“Could not have been better, thank you”

“Great and enjoyable experience, groups were well formed”

“A good training opportunity, particularly due to its participatory nature”

Summary of the evaluation can be found here.

Trainers 2017:

Prof. Anthony Dean, Faculty of Arts at the University of Winchester, UK;
Robert Baker, Independent QA&E consultant, Ireland/France;
Paula Crabtree, Stockholm University of the Arts, Sweden;

Would you like to participate in the next training on 28 and 29 January 2018? Please visit the Join Us page.
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