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Become a trained EQ-Arts International Quality Assurance Expert:

Since 2005 EQ-Arts has been organising annual international training programme for arts sector experts, which has included academics, quality managers and staff from international Quality Agencies. A register of trained experts is maintained by EQ-Arts.

EQ-Arts has been approached by national Quality Agencies and has provided trained arts sector experts for national accreditation reviews including: EKKA Archimedes – Estonia, SKVC – Lithuania, ARACIS – Romania, UKA– Sweden, NQA - Netherlands, EQE - Georgia and QAA - Scotland and NVAO, the Netherlands.

EQ-Arts provides a practical training designed to develop the range of competencies required by those wishing to engage in international external quality assurance processes.

The Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG 2015) for External Quality Assurance specify that such processes should be carried out by peer-review experts that:

- possess the appropriate range of skills and competencies to perform their task;
- have undertaken appropriate training and/or briefing.

The key aims of the training provided by EQ-Arts are specifically designed to enable participants to adapt a range of skills to form a competence to work as an international peer-review expert in the field of external QA (in line with the ESG 2015 guidelines).

Outcomes of the training

The training is designed to:

  • familiarise participants with the ESG 2015 for Quality Assurance in the EHEA;
  • engage participants in processes of evidence analysis and in the development of strategic approaches to the evaluation of internal QA processes;
  • involve participants in a close simulation of an external international peer-review QA process;
  • adapt the communication and teamwork skills of participants to the specific context of international external QA review processes;
  • involve participants in simulated processes of the formulation and framing of recommendations and commendations.

The format of the training is designed so as to replicate the required preparation, teamwork, report writing and intensity of workload and complexity of task associated with international quality assurance processes. From the beginning of the training through to the end, participants will be actively engaged in a simulation exercise that mirrors how they would be expected to perform in an external international QA visit.

On the question: “Would you recommend this training to a colleague”, the last group of experts unanimously answered ‘DEFINITELY’.

More Information

The next Expert Training will take place on 25 and 26 April 2021.  If you're interested in the next training, please make sure to send a message to expressing your interest.


Participation fee is 1.250 euro (for ELIA, Cilect, Paradox and Cumulus members there is a reduction).

The fee includes training materials, coffee breaks and lunches.

Prof. Anthony Dean, Emeritus Professor University of Winchester, UK;
Paula Crabtree, Vice-Chancellor Stockholm University of the Arts, Sweden.

To register, please e-mail to

  • a statement of interest (max. 500 words)
  • your CV