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Thematic Analysis

EQ-Arts is pleased to announce the publication of our first EQ-Arts Thematic Analysis 2017-2020. This forms part of our mission to promote a strong quality culture across the European higher arts education sector. The Thematic Analysis will provide a basis from which we will launch a series of reports on specific topics (identified within the findings of the report) that we will seek to publish over the next three years. Through these reports we will share our knowledge widely across the public domain and identify and highlight developments, trends and areas of good practice – or, indeed, persistent difficulty – in order to inform work across the sector. Together, they will build on EQ-Arts’ substantial experience of Quality Assurance and Enhancement across the European higher education sector for the creative and performing arts and design (CPAD).

EQ-Arts continues to work closely with colleagues, institutions and relevant agencies to enhance the quality of learning and teaching for a next generation of citizens and practitioners — only through this next generation will our collective futures be secured. We also aim to advance public understanding of, and confidence in, the creative arts sector as a vital force in the social, economic and cultural wellbeing of our communities.

We hope this Thematic Analysis contributes positively to the collective future of the CPAD sector.

Dowload the pdf here.