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EQ-Arts has been invited to present papers and give workshops by the European Universities Association (EUA); European League of Institutes of the Arts (ELIA) – Göteborg, Sweden & Florence, Italy; EQAF – Slovenia; Paradox (European Fine Art Network) – Sicily, Italy and Cumulus Association (International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media).

Workshop in your institution

EQ-Arts offers workshops to higher arts education institutions preparing for European Quality measures. These workshops offer a comprehensive guidance about how to establish a ‘quality’ culture:

  • Preparation and Guidance to meet the Requirements of National Quality Assurance Agencies
  • How to ensure the quality of the students learning experience
  • How to develop and embed Quality Assurance and Enhancement to meet European measures.
  • Rapid and full engagement with the process supported by model guidelines developed by teaching peers
  • Staff with little experience of Quality Assurance and Enhancement processes will be provided with full support and a developmental process
  • A comprehensive model of how to write a  Self-Evaluation Report (SER)

Workshop in your country

EQ-Arts also organises tailor-made workshops for any specific country, region or group of institutions, often in collaboration with a Ministry.

These interactive workshops combine a presentation on the key aspects of Quality Assurance in Higher Education with group discussions (that enable participants to relate these to their own HE provision), and a question and answer session.

The workshop provides a clear step-by-step introduction to:

  • European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance (ESG)
  • How Quality Assurance Relates to Institutional Mission and Vision
  • Internal Quality Assurance Processes
  • External Quality Assurance Processes

If you are interested in organising a workshop within your institution, country or region, please contact