What We Offer

EQ-Arts Activities

The accreditation and review activities undertaken by EQ-Arts will cover the following levels:

Institution      This will focus on the effectiveness of the institution’s own quality assurance and enhancement systems to achieve the stated aims and objectives.

Unit               This will focus on the degree to which a Faculty, Department or School is delivering a range of academic provision that meets the academic objectives set out for it.

Programme    This will focus on the degree to which the following programme levels have been able to sustain and enhance their academic provision:

  • Pre-degree Certificate/Diploma;
  • BA, MA;
  • MPhil, M.Res, PhD.

Joint              This may focus on a collaboration between two or more institutions seeking to offer, for example, a joint programme leading to a single academic award or, a compact arrangement between a pre-degree certificate/diploma and an undergraduate BA programme.

Research        This will focus on an institution’s research capacity as undertaken by its academic employees as well as the development of the institution’s own research environment.