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Aims and Quality Goals

EQ-Arts upholds its values guided by the following beliefs in carrying out its activities through:

  • placing particular emphasis on the enhancement of a student learning experience that supports students to become creative mediators in today’s rapidly changing societies and art communities;
  • promoting student-centred approaches to learning, teaching and assessment;
  • encouraging the constructive alignment of teaching and learning activities, and assessment tasks;
  • encouraging institutions to develop and enhance a quality culture which guides their mission and vision;
  • adopting a review methodology based on peer review, in which the participation of students, relevant professional bodies and/or employers as stakeholders is embedded;
  • ensuring that explicit criteria and transparent processes underpin all its activities;
  • ensuring that its processes are open to external scrutiny;
  • recognising a range of external and international reference points and/or criteria (primarily guided by the ESG 2015);
  • ensuring that the outcomes of its processes have formal status, are decided independently and are publicly available.