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Collaborating with EQAR registered International and National QA&E Entities

EQ-Arts is open to collaborate and work with EQAR registered international and national QA&E agencies in order to develop QA&E methodologies and tools within the sector as well as carrying out joint Assessment and Accreditation Reviews.

In such cases a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) will be drawn up signed by both parties. The MoA will provide clarity about the division of workload, cost sharing, requirements for the expertise panel members, the process by which panel members will be selected, the guidelines, templates and processes that will be used, as well which accreditation body will make the final decision regarding accreditation.

Both agencies will be asked to evaluate the process and give feedback to EQ-Arts in order to develop and enhance its own processes.

In case of agencies that are not registered by EQAR or have not fully and consistently adopted the ESG, a memorandum of agreement will be signed that ensures that the process delivered by EQ-Arts will adhere to the ESG and in accordance to its own internal standards for Quality Assurance.

EQ-Arts is open to recommend experts for review teams from its Register of Peer-Experts to other EQAR registered agencies as a means of heightening the quality of external QA&E processes in the sector and to maintain collegial relationships with other agencies and organisations. Experts will be asked to share examples of best practice with the Executive Office in order to be included in the review and development of its own methodology and processes.