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In order to develop and enhance its own internal QA processes, EQ-Arts has developed a feedback form to gather input from institutions. The forms are sent out by the Executive Office and shared with the Board.

All Review Team members are also invited to complete an evaluation questionnaire for the Board to assess and use for enhancement procedures.

We would like to express our admiration and sincere thanks to the members of the panel. We are impressed with the insight and depth of the findings and the recommendations based on them. It was a challenging but above all inspiring two visits that have left us with a very useful and well argumented X-ray vision on how we are doing things here in Rotterdam and how we could improve. It was a wonderful job, done by wonderful colleagues.

Jeroen Chabot – Dean Willem de Kooning Academie, the Netherlands

Although the process was demanding, we appreciated the fact that the evaluation looked at the institution not only from the above (top-down), but also from the perspective of one study programme (bottom-up), which served as a "touchstone" supposed to confirm (or refute) the first general image of our institutional culture; not all quality assurance agencies use this double-sense approach. 

As a preparation for our application for institutional accreditation - which we handed in september 2019 -, this was definitely a useful full-speed test. We received institutional accreditation, i.e. self-accrediting power for bachelor, master and doctoral study programmes, in February 2020.

Daniela Jobertová, PhD - Associate Professor, Vice-rector for Study Affairs and Quality Assurance Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Czech Republic

Very clear approach, insightful questions during the site visit and very thorough feedback.

Iceland Academy of Arts

EQ-Arts was asked to provide arts-specific knowledge in the internal audit-system of Avans Hogeschool. In collaboration between EQ-Arts and the internal auditors an audit-framework was assembled. Due to the many international contacts of EQ-Arts, the audit of the art education in Breda (the Netherlands) was simultaneously placed in an international perspective so that the education was compared with education throughout Europe. The combined audit-team did a great job in enhancing the strengths of the educational programme and acting as a critical friend towards the professional team of the courses they visited.

René Bosma - AKV St. Joost, Avans Hogeschool, the Netherlands