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The approach adopted by EQ-Arts for its quality assurance and enhancement activities is rigorous and impartial. This is based on the following processes—both of which are essential precursors to the formation of robust and reliable quality judgments:

Assessment    EQ-Arts will use a systematic and formal process of assessment to gather and analyse both quantitative and qualitative information about an institution, an individual programme, or, research activity. The aim is to understand the degree to which it has met its own objectives through the strategies it employs and the design of its academic provision. Assessment is an essential part of all accreditation and review processes.

Evaluation      To properly evaluate the performance of an institution/programme, EQ-Arts will undertake a systematic, and objective, critical analysis that is based on the evidence resulting from assessment processes (both internal and external). The outcomes of an evaluation process will be quality judgments that underpin the recommendations made in all reports provided by EQ-Arts.