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EQ-Arts develops PhD for the Arts in European Project

EQ-Arts is very proud to announce it has received a grant under the Strategic Partnership programme of the European Commission to work on the development of a PhD equivalent for the arts: Creator Doctus (CrD). Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam is the applicant and the other partners comprise of Glasgow School of Art, Athens School of Fine Arts, l’École Nationale Supérieure d’Arts de Paris-Cergy, Vilnius Academy of Arts, The Royal Danish Art Academy of Fine Arts, Merz Akademie and EQ-Arts as project coordinator.

Creator Doctus (CrD) will develop a new European 3rd cycle award for Higher Arts Education (HAE) that runs parallel to the existing Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). CrD will focus on embedding 3rd cycle education in the academy: within learning, teaching, career development and links with social/urban partners in order to make research an integral part of all aspects of education. The CrD Consortium has identified the need for HAE to fully use the potential of all cycles of the EQF especially with regard to the alignment and interaction of graduate, post-graduate and doctoral studies. Currently, due to the existing binary divide in a large number of European countries, in over 30% of the European HAE (EHAE) sector, this is not possible due to the lack of instruments and models that will allow learning, teaching and research to enhance each other within these schools.