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Follow-Up Procedure

The EQ-Arts Follow-up Procedure is an instrument to guarantee that recommendations and conditions which have been set in the formal assessment reviews are met in an appropriate time in order to ensure the validity of the accreditation process. The procedure is designed to support the on-going enhancement of the quality culture of an institution and allows the institution to demonstrate improvement. EQ-Arts has designed a template for institutions to communicate with EQ-Arts about its progress in order to minimise resources for the institution and ensure a robust, transparent process.

EQ-Arts current practice provides extensive feedback through an oral report at the end of the final visit to the institution and in a very detailed written report sent to the institution within 15 weeks of the final visit.

Up to a maximum of 15 months after a review the Chair of that review will coordinate a follow-up survey on the implementation and impact of the recommendations and/or conditions made and complete the EQ-Arts Review Follow-up Report. These reports are analysed by the Board to see if the institution has addressed the recommendations and/or conditions and help identify any areas and/or trends that could be researched further into.